Nice to meet you!  My name is Kim Lindsay and I have been a Mortgage Broker since 2008.  With deep family roots in Alberta, I was born and raised in Edmonton, and now live in the beautiful city of St. Albert.  I’m a mom of three girls, and in my “free time” you’ll probably find me as chauffeur and fan for their basketball, swimming, and cheer activities. I’m a foodie, sun worshipper, hot yogi, with a creative streak for DIY projects, home decor, and often have a paint a paint brush in hand whether it be furniture, walls, or canvas. Guilty pleasures — reality t.v. and a crisp glass of Pinot Grigio.

My professional life started in the human resources field as a recruiter (aka “Headhunter”), where I spent 10 years focusing on placement of skilled trades & technical professionals for forest products, oil & gas, mining and manufacturing companies across Canada.

I have always had a love for real estate, and in 2007 (while on mat leave with our first daughter), decided it was time for a change.  I took the mortgage agent course, got my license, and dove into life as a self-employed (and 100% commission) Mortgage Broker!

In 2007, the real estate market was still at its peak — Alberta property values were soaring and mortgage customers had access to 40-year amortizations, zero down payment programs, and relatively simple qualifying rules.

Then came the 2008 global financial crisis, and every changed.  The U.S. housing market was shattered by the collapse of the subprime lending boom, central banks around the world cut interest rates to prevent devastation of another Great Depression, and our Canadian government started to worry about a housing bubble … enter the first major wave of mortgage stress tests, goodbye 40-year amortizations, and goodbye to several sub-prime lenders.

Real estate is cyclical in nature — markets change, the economy goes up and down, lending options evolve, and qualifying rules change. With each new change, we adapt and figure out new ways to help our clients achieve their home ownership goals and dreams!

I have built relationships with realtors, lawyers, home builders, and our lending partners — banks, trust companies, credit unions — their business development and management teams AND the underwriters who have the power to approve or decline each and every application!

I have worked with hundreds of clients ranging from first-time home buyers, self-employed business owners, and real estate investors, to those with difficult credit situations.  I offer specialized solutions for:

  • FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS seeking down payment, credit, and affordability strategies
  • Older clients facing shortfalls in their RETIREMENT savings
  • Clients of ALL AGES and ALL TAX BRACKETS looking to improve monthly cash flow and reduce debt
  • Canada’s growing number of SELF-EMPLOYED clients, entrepreneurs, and small business owners
  • Clients with bruised credit, past bankruptcy, outstanding CRA debt, collections, judgments, or property tax arrears

In 2014, I pursued my life insurance and accident & sickness licenses. I wanted to be able to offer my clients more choice to help ensure their largest investment, income, and families were better protected in the event of job loss, family changes, injury, serious illness, and loss.

My business has grown largely from referrals and repeat clients; their first homes, next homes, upsizing, downsizing, career changes, family shifts, and retirement.

I look forward to working with you!