Today’s lending environment has made it more challenging than ever for Canadians to qualify for a traditional mortgage.  With the continued growth in Canada’s self-employed job market, more and more borrowers no longer fit the traditional ‘A’ lending requirements… this is where we turn to alternative lending solutions.

Who is an alternative lending client?

  • Clients who don’t fit the traditional ‘A’ lending guidelines
  • Self-employed or commissioned clients whose reported income isn’t enough to “debt service” a typical mortgage
  • Salaried clients who don’t meet traditional bank requirements
  • Clients with bruised credit due to extenuating circumstances
  • Clients with outstanding CRA debts

As an experienced Mortgage Broker, we have several alternative lending partners you can count on to provide simplified solutions.

You’ll love common-sense guidelines, out of the box thinking, fast response time, friendly service, and straightforward approvals.


We also have private mortgage financing and private equity lending available for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd mortgages.

  • Construction and renovation financing
  • Property flips
  • Refinancing out of foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy, consumer proposal, collections, and judgments
  • Property tax arrears
  • Business for self, New to Canada, and rental properties
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Residential, commercial, farms, and raw land


It is in these specific situations where you need an experienced mortgage broker with lender relationships and expertise to build your application and sell it to the lenders for their approval.

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